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San Francisco Lawyers Battling Police and Jail Misconduct

Enforcing your legal rights when officers cross the line

Victims of police and prison misconduct need an aggressive advocate to fight a system that seems stacked against them. The attorneys at Brent & Fiol, LLP, LLP have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you overcome the red tape and official silence that often frustrates police brutality claims. Abuse from someone in authority leaves the victim with both physical and psychological scars. We understand that and fight those authorities in court to achieve justice and fair compensation.

Attorneys working to achieve recovery for victims of police brutality

Individuals injured due to excessive police force — even if the arrest itself is justified — are entitled to damages. The United States Supreme Court established a three-part test to determine whether an officer’s actions were reasonable, taking these considerations into account:

  • Severity of the crime — Law enforcement must act in accordance with the nature of the supposed crime. A nonviolent offense or violation does not justify a physically abusive arrest.
  • Threat posed by the suspect — Police officers might be liable if they escalate the confrontation when there is no reason to believe that the suspect is violent.
  • Whether the suspect is fleeing — If a suspect is not “actively resisting arrest,” the officer should be able to complete the process through nonviolent means.

In your free consultation, the lawyers at Brent & Fiol, LLP determine how this test applies to your circumstances and if the harm done to you might be recoverable through trial or settlement.

Advocates for those emotionally damaged by a law-enforcement encounter

Extreme police intimidation can trigger long-term emotional problems for the victim. People interact with police and other authorities on a regular basis, and the distress from one harrowing encounter might make everyday tasks unbearable. Not every instance is compensable, however. The lawyers at Brent & Fiol, LLP can advise you as to whether the officer’s conduct was sufficiently deliberate and outrageous to form a valid claim.

Seeking compensation for injuries and deaths among California prisoners

California prisoners are killed at a rate that is twice the national average. Explanations include prison overcrowding, excessive force by guards, and a culture that tacitly condones maltreatment of those convicted of sex crimes. Even convicted men and women maintain their constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment, which includes unreasonable force by guards and the failure to maintain a safe environment. Our attorneys represent clients and families in cases where prisoners have been seriously injured or killed due to jail misconduct and negligence.

Please note that due to the existence of federal and state laws that severely limit the civil rights of those who are incarcerated in state prisons, we are not able to consider cases arising out of conditions in state prison facilities.  We are able to consider cases arising at county jails in California. 

Pursuing justice when corrections officers sexually abuse inmates

Most people are aware that sexual abuse occurs in prison, but what they may not realize is that, according to a national survey, inmates reported more abuse by guards than by fellow inmates. It happens in both men’s and women’s facilities and with male and female officers. In light of the near-total power that guards hold over prisoners, no physical relationship can truly be considered consensual. If you or a relative has been the victim of jail sexual abuse, Brent & Fiol, LLP will fight to secure compensation and justice.

Contact a San Francisco law firm to assert your rights against law-enforcement abuse

If you have been mistreated by a police or corrections officer, you have the right to seek justice. Our experienced attorneys with Brent & Fiol, LLP, LLP can hold these officers accountable. Call us at 415-579-2358 or contact us online to discuss your potential legal claim. We work with clients throughout the Bay Area.



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