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Automobile, Bicycle and Transit Accidents

Both Joseph Brent and David Fiol have extensive experience litigating accident cases involving automobiles, pedestrians and bicycles. Whether the case involves collisions between vehicles or pedestrians or single-car (or bicycle) accidents, Brent & Fiol, LLP has the experience and ability to help you.

Sometimes liability may be found in an accident involving only a single vehicle, if the vehicle itself was defectively designed, manufactured or designed, or if the streets or traffic signs or signals contributed to the accident. In one case Mr. Fiol represented a bicycle racer after the handlebar stem failed. Close examination showed that the break occurred at a defective weld, so Fiol pursued a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the stem, who paid appropriate damages.

Bicyclists who have been injured in an accident should be aware that both Mr. Brent and Mr. Fiol are experienced cyclists that have logged thousands of miles each.

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